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Chronic pain steals: Your identity. Your work. Your relationships.

We know this. We get it. We’re there too, with you.

We started HOMEBASE…to help men like us rebuild our lives.

Beyond talking about our chronic pain; we want action and connection. We want to thrive through the pain.

HOMEBASE has three programs and is designed so that you can start where it is right for you, at your own pace. It’s simple. Sign up for a class, make connections with other men that are going through the same changes as you, become part of the HOMEBASE community with access to resources there to support you through your experience. 

As a member you can join any of these three programs



Provides a wide variety of activities including pain specific programs ranging from exercise to music, art, photography, cooking and nutrition.

We found a range of experts to help us design and provide safe evidenced based programs.

You can join group activities or have an individual exercise consult at one of our partner sites. If you haven’t been able to exercise recently, due to pain, the exercise component can help you transition safely with a program tailored to your needs.

What to expect

Connect is

  • A safe friendly space.
  • A way to try out new activities.
  • A way to meet new people.
  • A chance to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Connect is not

  • A cure for your pain. But it may help lessen or distract it.
  • A rehabilitation or healthcare program. But you may learn about them.
  • A professional training program. But you will learn new stuff.
  • Expert driven. It’s designed by men living with pain for men experiencing pain.

Qualifications needed

  • Respect.
  • Openness to try new activities.
  • Willingness to stand up to your pain.



The HOMEBASE HUB is a space to get together and work on projects, volunteer for community initiatives, or hang out. Inspired by initiatives such as the Men's Shed and maker movements, the HOMEBASE HUB is a collaborative communal gathering place. Join others to work on projects, give back to the community, or simply spend time connecting with others.

What to expect

Homebase Hub is

  • A way to meet new people.

  • A way to change your community.

  • A place to teach, learn, create and explore.

  • A place where you can be you.

Homebase Hub is not

  • An educational program yet you may learn and teach new things.

  • A healthcare program but your wellbeing may get better.

  • A support group yet you will be supported and support others.

Qualifications needed

  • Respect.

  • Openness to try new things.

  • Willingness to give back and help others.

Mentor's Corner

Mentor's Corner

Provides a space for men living with chronic pain to connect with others who are seasoned veterans of this experience. It is about men helping men live through and with chronic pain.

This program is in progress.
Check this space often for further info.

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